Team Spirit, Why Every Client Should Care If Salon Staff Works Together

At first glance it seems silly. You book an appointment to see an individual stylist so why would it matter about how the whole staff works together?

Don’t forget all the steps that go into your appointment. Not just the shampoo technician and assistants who blow dry as well, but also purchasing managers who make sure the right products are there to use and sell, and never forget the gatekeeper front desk coordinator who makes sure you can get an appointment to begin with.

It’s not just about making sure they don’t fight. Obviously personal issues between staff can provide intentional vendettas if unresolved, but it’s more than that. Even staff who never fights can have difficulty working as a team. Working together as a team means that open communication is always happening so little details don’t go missed.

The easiest ways to see this in action:

~when the front desk already knows where they can fit in extra clients, and where they can’t

~when shampoo technicians are keeping a watch on your timer so they’re ready, keeping an eye out to get people washed in the right order to get them back into chairs

~when you’re never told (or at least rarely) that the product you wanted is out of stock


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