I Just Wanted To Share This

Photo by Barrie Blau


Fusions by So.Cap USA, applied by yours truly

I wanted to share with everyone a picture from about 8 years ago. This is my very first full head of fusion hair extensions. I remember being so excited that they came out so nicely. I still get that excited every time I finish a client. I love my job.

I love that the angle of the shot lets you see the back of her after picture as well

Diane’s real hair 

Diane’s after look

Tape Weft Hair Extensions

Remember when I mentioned HotHeads hair extensions? They really are awesome. They are one of several brands of hair extensions that work almost like stickers to add length and thickness to your hair.

Some favorite brands: Babe -Georgie -HotHeads -Cinderella Hair

This is a picture of what tape wefts look like once installed. They can be really great for adding a lot of hair quickly. I love them!

Tape Weft Hair Extensions