Current Situation…

This is a constantly moving target and may continue to change, but for now we are operating under the belief we may open on May 29th…

Hey everybody!

Current talking points, heads up this is a long email please read everything.

• Masks will be required and I will be providing them. The Phase One reopening guidelines state “Provide face coverings for clients or ask that clients bring a face covering with them that they must wear during the service. Limit services to only those that can be completed without clients removing their face covering.” — When you arrive at the studio space you will wash your hands and put on a tri-ply mask I will be providing, once it is properly positioned it will be taped in place (using KT tape) so the ear loops can be cut off, once this mask is in place IT CANNOT BE REMOVED DURING SERVICES. Plan ahead and bring Nicorette or regular chewing gum.

• for more information on Governor Northam’s Executive Order 62 visit here ( .

• If you have not already made your upcoming appointment with The Glass Menagerie please visit here ( to be taken to the online booking system and price list.

At the new studio space you will be required to wait outside in your car while notifying me of your arrival, please text (703)945-9289. Once I have everything disinfected and ready I will text you to come up to the space. You will be required to buzz in on the call box so I can let you in. We will then go to my studio and we will both wash our hands before we get your mask on prior to starting services. Example photo shown below.
Refusal to wear a mask will result in no services rendered and a NO SHOW fee of 50% of the scheduled services.
If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC ( website.

Thank you so much for sticking with us. We look forward to supporting each other during these challenging times.

Moving Target…

Executive Order 53 said no salon until April 24th…

Executive Order 55 strengthens EO53 and extends it until a June 11th opening date…

DPOR is currently claiming salons MAY be able to open on April 24th, but I’m not understanding how that’s possible with the information in EO53 and EO55.

The stay-at-home order in place makes certain breaking of social distancing a misdemeanor (punishable by up to a year in jail and/or up to a $2,500 fine)…

It is unclear to me how hair salon appointments could be an exception since it requires one-on-one physical contact in order to perform services…

I am uncomfortable going back into salon before the threat level is sufficiently low for myself and my clients…

If I go into salon early and I become infected by a client or co-worker then I will infect countless clients before I even show symptoms.

I am not willing to risk the health and safety of my clients with an early return…

I currently plan on not being in salon until EO55 is over.

COVID 19 Salon Update…

We’re going to get through this together.

As most of you already know, Virginia Governor Northam placed executive order 53 into effect Tuesday March 24th at midnight. In this executive order a 30 closure of hair salons  mandated.

The salon I work at is closed. I will not be making “house calls” because it defeats the purpose of the closure and would risk me losing my cosmetology license permanently.

In the meantime, I’m working hard on contacting clients about scheduling and rescheduling upcoming appointments, taking some time for additional online classes (taking and teaching), and doing hair extension check-in emails for my existing clients who may want completely fresh hair when this is all over.

Currently my soonest appointments available are May 5th or later for most services.

703.440.8073 to leave us a voicemail


Upcoming Appointments, Feb 19- March 18…

The following lists my open availabilities on my upcoming trip. This list is accurate as of February 5th, but it’s changing as people call in.

Please call 703.440.8073 to make your appointment with me at Elany Image.

F19, 9a 1hrs, 1030a .5hrs, 6p 1hrs

F20, 3p 2hrs

F21, 12p 2.5hrs, 5p 1.25hrs

F23, 9a 1hrs

F25, 1130a .5hrs

F27, 12p 4.5hrs

F28, 1030a 3.5hrs

F29, 315p 3.75hrs

M3, 9a 4.5hrs, 230p 2.5hrs

M4, 9a 2hrs, 2p 5hrs

M5, 9a 1.5hrs, 1230p 6.5hrs

M6, 10a on open

M7, 9a 1hrs, 3p 4hrs

M8, 9a 4hrs, 430p 2.5hrs

M10, 11a 1hes, 1230p 5hrs

M11, 9a 3hrs, 1p 4.5hrs

M12, 9a 2hrs, 12p 7hrs

M13, 9a 1hrs

M17, 930a on open

M18, 9a 1hrs, 1p 5hrs