October Throwback: J Beverly Hills Global Event in LA…


I’m already getting excited for the next one, and it hasn’t even been officially announced yet!


Bigger, Blonder, Better…


This blonde beauty always brings a huge smile to my face. She’s a mom, and a business boss lady, and an all around bad ass with a heart of gold.

Between baby hair shedding and some accidentally overlapped highlighting effects the front layers of her hair were not the same thickness as they had been in the past.

This quick fix was done using 20 pieces of tape-in hair extensions, just 5 finished pieces on each side!

It’s really cool what a difference such a seemingly small change can make.

Corrective Color; Balayage Edition


This was a fun day of color correction work.

Typically I try to keep my color processes down to one pattern based step and one back bar step, and I was so excited to be able to nail this color change that way as well.

It required some planning and a willingness to spend a lot, and i do mean A LOT, of time on working the new balayage pattern of lightener and medium brown color through her hair. The great thing was that once that was done and processed it was a cinch to tone her in the bowl. I mixed two levels of lightener as well as two shades of brown and interwove them to create a new base pattern and blend her roots while getting rid of the red band in her hair, then at the bowl we were able to tone her with a smokey blonde formula from Goldwell Colorance.

I’m really pleased by the end result.