How to Leave a Helpful Bad Review

I wanted to put out an article for clients because I’ve been zooming around Yelp looking at reviews to see what kind of posts might help stylists most based on problems that arise and instead I found the vast majority of bad reviews to be unhelpful in trying to spot error patterns.

If you are not satisfied and choose to leave a review take note of some things to include because the information in a review can be an immense help to potential clients and the salon staff:

1- Date of service: reviews don’t always load in order and you may be posting it after the fact, putting the service date in your review helps other potential clients understand how recently this issue occurred

2- Stylist: make a note of which stylist you saw, this helps the management staff address training head on and lets other potential clients know whether to avoid the entire location or just certain stylists

3- What service you had done: make note of what service you received and if possible what was dissatisfactory about it, again this helps management staff address training and it also helps potential clients make informed decisions

4- Your follow up: by this I mean what was your reaction at the time and what steps you’ve taken (if any) before leaving a review, these questions help potential customers get a feel for the salon culture and helps them make informed decisions about possible appointments

—examples: Did you feel confident leaving the salon and then later decide it wasn’t right? Was it wrong at the salon and you talked to the stylist or manager and they brushed you off? Have you spoken to the stylist or manager at all since the issue? Were you offered a refund or other compensation if you did speak to them? Is this review the first thing you’ve done to address the issue?—