About Christine

Christine is an award winning stylist who started her training in Northern VA, continuing her education with courses from New York to Los Angeles. At age 16 she competed in VICA Cosmetology competitions that took her to the national level where she bested over half the competitors.

She’s certified with So.Cap USA, Hairdreams, Euro So.Cap, HotHeads, Hairtalk, Dreamcatchers, DiBiase, Cinderella Hair, and several other companies for hair extensions. She’s always working with the newest technology.

Christine’s signature service is hair extensions. They are available for length, thickness, color, and fantasy applications. She also works as a hair extension educator and as a mentor, helping other stylists think outside the box and advance themselves fully.


2 thoughts on “About Christine

  1. Olga Rodriguez

    Hi Christine. My name is Olga. I have very fine hair and lately thinning and hair loss. In Instagram I find Hairdream company and they recommended contavt with you to help me. Please ,I kindly request consultation. I very appreciated your help.

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