Hair Extension Pricing

These price ranges are for rough estimating purposes only, for a personalized cost analysis please book a consultation. Cost of consultation will be credited towards extension deposits or services.

Christine works with many hair extension companies, including but not limited to: Aqua, Extensions Today, Euro So.Cap, DiBiase, Babe, Hairtalk, Xtensify, HotHeads, DreamCatchers, So.Cap USA, Hair Shop, Short2Long, Cinderella Hair, Hair & Compounds, and Hairdreams.

Due to the complexity of hair extension services available, this list shows “session ideas” for the preferred methods Christine offers. Christine does require an in-person consultation before any extension application appointment. Other methods of hair extension may be available as well, please e-mail with any questions.

You can expedite your hair extension process by starting with our Hair Extension Consultation Form online by clicking here and following up with an in person consultation appointment.

Going Out:
This is for those looking for a clip-in option for a special event, or looking to test drive new long length.


Color Fill:
Augment your current look by adding extensions in a wild color, or to complement existing balayage or highlights.
Tape In-$150-$600+

Looking to add fullness to your current length? This option is for adding density to your hair.
Tape In-$150-$600+


Growing out your hair or just need a change? Let’s get you back in action.
Tape In-$500-$1,200+


Bigger, better, bombshell! This is the answer to your hair prayers!
Tape In-$800-$2,400+


For those who have experienced hair thinning or loss.



Other Extension Work:

other extension services handled at a rate of $120/hour plus hair costs

2 thoughts on “Hair Extension Pricing

  1. Noria anwar

    Hi I wanted to get tap ins and I wanted to know how much you do them for I want full head thick hair also can u tell me alittle bit about the type of hair you will be installing I want it done ASAP

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