Upcoming Trip Schedule…

My next trip is coming up quicker than it seems like, January 25th through February 10th. Here’s a quick update of appointments still available:

Friday January 25th – FULL

Saturday January 26th – FULL

Sunday January 27th – teaching in Philadelphia PA

Monday January 28th – teaching in Philadelphia PA

Tuesday January 29th – FULL

Wednesday January 30th – ONE APPOINTMENT AVAILABLE, 9:00am haircut or color

Thursday January 31st –  ONE APPOINTMENT AVAILABLE, 9:00am haircut

Friday February 1st – ONE APPOINTMENT AVAILABLE, 2:45pm haircut

Saturday February 2nd – TWO APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE, 9:00am haircut or color and 3:30pm haircut

Sunday February 3rd – FULL

Monday February 4th – UNAVAILABLE

Tuesday February 5th – very open

Wednesday February 6th – very open

Thursday February 7th – very open

Friday February 8th – ONE APPOINTMENT AVAILABLE, 9:00am haircut

Saturday February 9th – TWO APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE, 3:30pm hair color with haircut and 6:00pm haircut

Sunday February 10th – FULL