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Brushes for Hair Extensions

When looking at what brushes are going to be comfortable AND effective for hair extensions the key seems to be having plenty of long flexible bristles. You want the bristles to be long enough to get down into all that extra hair and flexible enough that they will bend over the attachment point instead of pulling. Above are a few of my favorites.

Some Favorite Products!


Looking for epic volume, lived in style, and soft touchable hair?

Look no further. J Beverly Hill Platinum line has your answer.

I love using the 5 in 1 as a blowout base (or to airdry if that’s your jam). It’s basically a miracle product. It features a blend of ingredients that give it heat protection qualities, along with providing moist and a little bit of hold. The end result is touchable hair that holds curl and body but remains undamaged.

After drying the hair and heat styling as desired I like to rough up the root area with just a little bit of the Dry Clean spray. It’s a serious dry shampoo product with some real grip to it. It’ll really bump up the volume and hold for your style and gives a great lasting effect.

Both of these, and more, are available any time at the Elany Image Salon I’m at in Springfield VA, just swung by and we’ll find your perfect match.