I’m here! And I brought goodies!

wp-image-1462960176jpg.jpgI brought a selection of goodies from my Etsy store up for my Virginia trip this time and I will have them by my station in the salon available for purchase.

Super excited to see everyone!

703.440.8073 to call Elany Image and get an appointment for yourself.

Schedule on the previous post.


October Elany Image Trip Schedule…

I will be in Elany Image in Springfield Virginia doing hair and hair extensions from October 4th through the 17th.
703.440.8073 is the best way to get an appointment quickly but if any issues arise or if you need to place a hair extension order in advance please email me ChristineDoesHair@gmail.com
Monday October 2nd~ teaching in Catonsville, MD; FULL
Tuesday October 3rd~ running errands in Virginia
Wednesday October 4th~ still have ONE late morning haircut appointment
Thursday October 5th~ FULL
Friday October 6th~ morning and afternoon appointments still available
Saturday October 7th~ FULL
Sunday October 8th~ FULL
Monday October 9th~ teaching in Reston, VA; FULL
Tuesday October 10th~ still have ONE haircut appointment during the afternoon
Wednesday October 11th~ early and mid afternoon appointments still available
Thursday October 12th~ ONE early morning appointment available and time still available in the mid afternoon
Friday October 13th~ ONE open appointment in the morning and ONE afternoon appointment available
Saturday October 14th~ FULL
Sunday October 15th~ teaching in Springfield, VA; ONE early evening haircut appointment still available
Monday October 16th~ teaching in Ashburn, VA; FULL
Tuesday October 17th~ FULL; then starting the drive back to Houston, TX


I have been determinedly volunteering hard since my return to Houston this time.

I have felt incredibly grateful that my apartment and belongings were not affected by hurricane Harvey and the aftermath.

I have been online organizing an Amazon WishList to help get the right supplies to local churches and childcare providers who are still taking physical donations.

I have been working to connect childcare providers who are discounting and/or donating their time to care for children where parents needed to get back to work and were counting on school to start on time, or counting on afterschool programs for childcare, many of which have been cancelled or postponed.

I spent 2 days at a flood damaged house tearing down walls volunteering with demolition work. The houses in that neighborhood weren’t even the worst of what happened in Houston, only a few feet inside the house. Can you imagine having to say two feet of flooding isn’t that bad? Can you imagine having to tear down all your walls to prevent mold damage from taking over? Throwing out all your furniture? There were piles of destroyed furniture, torn walls, and irreplaceable memories taking over the sidewalks and yards in that neighborhood.

But today? Today I am forced to remind myself that I am no good to anyone if I am burnt out. Today I have been doing minimal updating and connecting with people. Today I ate nachos and took a long bath. Today my brain is recuperating so I can continue to be online helping this week without crying over the incredible strength I’ve seen from people here.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.26.04 PM



I want to be able to spend the entire month of September volunteering in Houston and the surrounding area.

My birthday is September 4th and I’ve had a lot of people over the last couple of weeks asking me what I wanted for my birthday, my answer was always the same, that I didn’t need anything.

And then Harvey hit.

I am incredibly lucky that my apartment complex has not been reported flooded while I have been out of town in Virginia working. I am incredibly lucky that I don’t have to get new furniture or clothes for myself.

I am grateful but I have a flexible work schedule that will allow me to spend as much time as a full-time job volunteering in September.

In order to make sure all of my bills are taken care of I typically do freelance work in Texas. I would like to make sure that my bills can be paid without taking time away from the volunteer work I’d like to do.

Any money collected over my bill requirement will be donated to Texas Charities, cleanup crews, and food banks throughout the month.

Please help me help people.


Houston Flooding…

Okay, so far my apartment is supposedly fine, but…

When I get back to Texas I would love to be able to volunteer my time to help clean up and do other helpful things.

I don’t have a real job in Texas so I have flexible time available, but I usually focus on my side hustles to make sure my bills get paid.

September is my birthday month and I would love to focus on helping others in Houston and the surrounding area instead of focusing on myself. 

Instead of buying me presents for my birthday it would be really helpful to PayPal me so I don’t have to balance volunteering against paying work. 



Open Appointments Available…

Tuesday July 11th still has several day time spaces available…

Thursday July 13th still has afternoon and evening spaces available…

Friday July 14th has a morning space available…

Sunday July 16th still has early afternoon space available…

Tuesday July 18th still has day time availability…

Wednesday July 19th still has day time availability…

Friday July 21st still has morning spaces available…

Saturday July 22nd is my last VA salon day in July and I have a space in the late afternoon…



Elany Image, 703.440.8073

I can’t wait to see everyone again!