#MindfullnessKits, my personal journey

​Working in the Cosmetology industry for since the age of 13 I’ve held a lot of differing positions each with varying levels of stress. Management positions, educator roles, and personal client management were things that made it difficult for me to let loose and enjoy myself. Having always been a bit of a planner, worry and stress came naturally with the additional responsibilities of higher positions.
I’ve created #MindfullnessKits to help share some of what has worked for me. These kits combine planning aspects and tools (like journals and stickers) with some more “holistic” methods for relaxation (including bathsalts, sparklers, glow sticks), and so much more.

Every kit is carefully curated for theme and includes a great mix of elements.
They say you should dress for the job you want, that mantra can be valued everywhere. Sure, you may be stuck in a suit, but having a crystal healing bracelet or a #FestivalHair accessory might be just the little reminder to breathe that you’ve been waiting for.
It’s time to embrace your inner dirty hippie.

Road Trip Beauty

The road trip is a Summer staple, and the freedom from routine life is always welcome, but often hair and skin care suffer on the trip. Hotels, rest stops, limited packing space, and general travel time constraints can make it difficult to keep up usual beauty habits.

Here’s my quick list of 5 Road Trip Beauty Cheats:

1) Baby Wipes- great for in the car Cheetos finger clean up, and in a pinch good for using as makeup remover or if you don’t have time to shower.

2) Hair Ties- just believe me, you never want to be without one, even if your hair is short.

3) Tinted Moisturizer WITH SPF- yeah, you’re spending a lot of time in the car, which feels like you’re inside, except you’re not, always protect your skin, and using a tinted moisturizer with SPF will mean that you look great and all those road trip selfies too.

4) Body Oil- no matter how careful you are you probably going to get a sunburn, or a mild scrape while hiking, or dry skin from Beach water or pools, body oil will be your friend.

5) WATER- I can’t stress this one enough. Proper hydration is key to Beauty. If you are under hydrated then your body isn’t taking care of itself as well as it should. Soda, and milkshakes, and Margaritas by the pool all decrease your hydration level. Make sure you drink enough water. If you’re not sure if you drink enough, drink more.

Etsy Shop!

It’s up! I’m so excited!

I sold some of them so I made a few more to list.

Right now it’s still just the original 2 sizes, but more coming soon.

Just click the link and take a look. Order one for yourself, or for a friend.

I promise you’ll be as excited as me!

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First Order of #MindfullnessKits Available 

First batch of #MindfullnessKits is done. Let me know if you want  your #MindfullnessKit!

Contains lots of good day making goodies including, but not limited to: healing crystals, bath salts, inspiration journal, organizational sheets, jewelry, stickers, and festival hair accessories.

Size One: $60 (+$10 if shipped)

Mega Size: $80 (+$10 if shipped).

I have 7 Size Ones and 4 Mega Sized.

First come, first serve.

Email ChristineDoesHair@gmail.com to order.

Coming Soon: Stylist and Client #MindfullnessKits

In the nearly 2 decades I’ve spent in the greater Cosmetology industry I’ve held a lot of different positions, each with varying types of stresses associated with them.

I’ve recently been going through several self imposed changes in my life and career and I’m choosing to share with others some of the best things I’ve found for me.

Keep a look out for my SquareSpace store relaunching soon. In addition to some hair extension kits, I’ve also created stylist and client #MindfullnessKits.

These #MindfullnessKits will include some of the organizational activities that have helped me, along with some great beauty products for living life minimally, lists of coping mechanisms for busy people, and even festival hair accessories to help bring forth your inner dirty hippie.

I look forward to being able to help share some inner calm with my fellow busy stylists, and our clients.

Combating Apathy and Ignorance

I went back and forth a lot about the content of this post before deciding I really do need to say this:

Hairstylists, we have more power than we know.
Traditionally we have been told that money, politics, and religion are off limit topics and we should just quietly nod agreement and change the subject with our clients.  This is wrong.
Our clients ask for our feedback and advice on everything from restaurants and vacation spots to relationships and raising their children, and right now some may need our guiding touch on some rather serious issues. I’m not advocating starting fights with clients, I’m just advocating to not support their ignorance.
So, this is for my client who is voting for Trump because they want to build a wall but she’s worried about how to keep her own illegal house cleaner. This is for the woman who is legitimately upset by #BlackLivesMatter because she thinks it should be #AllLivesMatter. This is for my clients who think Flint has clean water again. This is for everyone upset by the deaths of Dallas cops who didn’t bat an eye for Philandro or the Orlando gay club massacre.
NO, I will not nod my head along with you in agreement when I do not agree.
Clients trust their hair stylist with more than just their hair. Dig a little deeper if your client brings up a current event topic without understanding their privilege.