Coming Soon: Stylist and Client #MindfullnessKits

In the nearly 2 decades I’ve spent in the greater Cosmetology industry I’ve held a lot of different positions, each with varying types of stresses associated with them.

I’ve recently been going through several self imposed changes in my life and career and I’m choosing to share with others some of the best things I’ve found for me.

Keep a look out for my SquareSpace store relaunching soon. In addition to some hair extension kits, I’ve also created stylist and client #MindfullnessKits.

These #MindfullnessKits will include some of the organizational activities that have helped me, along with some great beauty products for living life minimally, lists of coping mechanisms for busy people, and even festival hair accessories to help bring forth your inner dirty hippie.

I look forward to being able to help share some inner calm with my fellow busy stylists, and our clients.

Combating Apathy and Ignorance

I went back and forth a lot about the content of this post before deciding I really do need to say this:

Hairstylists, we have more power than we know.
Traditionally we have been told that money, politics, and religion are off limit topics and we should just quietly nod agreement and change the subject with our clients.  This is wrong.
Our clients ask for our feedback and advice on everything from restaurants and vacation spots to relationships and raising their children, and right now some may need our guiding touch on some rather serious issues. I’m not advocating starting fights with clients, I’m just advocating to not support their ignorance.
So, this is for my client who is voting for Trump because they want to build a wall but she’s worried about how to keep her own illegal house cleaner. This is for the woman who is legitimately upset by #BlackLivesMatter because she thinks it should be #AllLivesMatter. This is for my clients who think Flint has clean water again. This is for everyone upset by the deaths of Dallas cops who didn’t bat an eye for Philandro or the Orlando gay club massacre.
NO, I will not nod my head along with you in agreement when I do not agree.
Clients trust their hair stylist with more than just their hair. Dig a little deeper if your client brings up a current event topic without understanding their privilege.

Some Notes on Wedding Hair

So it’s wedding season once again!

Don’t let wedding stress happen to you!

For hairstylists and brides alike this can be a stressful time so I’ve put together a list of things that can make all those hair interactions a little less crazed.


~8-12 weeks before the wedding: find a stylist and book the wedding date, your trial, possibly 2 trials, and map out color appointments and trims.

~4-6 weeks before the wedding: have your trial (with tiara, pins, veil, etc) and take final reference photos, make sure you have confirmed timing and number of people for services on day of.

~2-3 weeks before the wedding: do your color (if you normally color your hair) so that it has a little room to settle before the wedding, do your last trim before the wedding. Do NOT experiment with new color or cut this close to the wedding!


A few other notes:

-you want to look like yourself in photos, if you normally wear your hair a certain way use it as inspiration for your wedding hair, if you never wear it up in even a ponytail then maybe you don’t really want it all up for your wedding

-your hairstylist is likely to make more money at the salon than at your wedding so unless you’ve got the world’s biggest bridal party please bear in mind they are missing an entire 8 hour day to do 3 hours with you, often plus travel expenses, we love what we do, but please don’t assume tip is included in your total unless specifically stated

-typically it’s best for the bride to get her hair done second to last, you want to spend the morning “relaxing” as much as possible so make everyone else go first

-EXCEPT mother of the bride should be last, or in some cases the soon to be mother in law, these are people you want available to help run errands and be bullies to get things fixed, if they’re in a chair or already have their hair done they won’t be able to run around as much

What Every Hairstylist REALLY Wishes You Knew

The number one thing we all wish our clients understood is that we work on commission.

This means there is no hourly fee. We make only a percentage of the service charges. We make nothing for the time spent between clients, or when someone shows up late, or not at all, or cancels at the last minute.

Our prices reflect the time and products necessary to take care of you that day, as well as the time and money we’ve spent getting to our level of expertise, and marketing expenses to fill our chairs.

What this means for you as a client:
-No, we can’t do this service for less money with the same result. The quality will suffer if we have to sacrifice time or products.
-No, we don’t “live” on tips like servers do, but…
-Yes, tips do make up a large portion of the income we make.

Please respect our time and financial needs so we can take care of your hair the way we both want to.

My Wedding Day Diva

Super fun news: I’ve been tagged by My Wedding Day Diva as an industry preferred vendor!

I’m excited to be working with this company. They are absolutely wonderful.

Here’s an excerpt from their site:

“Welcome to We are so excited to help you dazzle your big day! From little to large every detail on your wedding day is extremely important.

Over the last 12 years, the founder of My Wedding Day Diva has worked with many elite organizations in the DC area that are held in high regard for their aesthetics and entertainment principles such as the Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals and Washington Redskins in addition to working for the United States House of Representatives. These experiences have provided her with the ability to execute premium services with attention to detail, precision and keen eye needed to make your day absolutely perfect and flawless.

How are we different from other services?  We do IT ALL for your big day. We look at your wedding as a whole not just as a venue and vendors. Not only do we design and coordinate your wedding, our packages include fashion and decor styling.  We take the intricate details and help dazzle the special touches that take your day from just a wedding to your personalized love story.

We also take over the tedious organizational tasks — master checklist, itinerary, organizing the bridal party, spread sheets to manage your guests, providing event information, vendor management, helping with photos all while getting Grandma a glass of champagne!

We will personalize and customize any of our packages to fit your needs.”

I can personally vouch for the exquisite taste and attention to detail that goes into everything MWDD is involved with.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.29.53 AM

Golden Girl

We at Elany Image are pleased to announce to introduction of our newest staff member, Athena Golden. For now she’s doing a lot of double duty by helping me as a Personal Assistant while also taking on new clients and her loyal followers. I can’t wait for you to meet her.

Athena is an amazing hairstylist who trained in the same Cosmetology classes as I did, a million years ago, at Hayfield Secondary right here in NoVA. Since then she’s completed much additional class work allowing her to become a true master of the craft. She even has a Theatre degree where she specialized in make-up and hair/wig styling.

I’m so happy to have her as a part of our team. She brings with her the same work ethic and commitment to excellence that I do. I’m sure you’ll all love her as much as I do.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.53.32 AM