Last Minute Appointment List!

This list is only accurate as of original posting time.

These appointments will fill fast.

Call now if you see what you need!


Tuesday Feb 5th, midday appointments available!

Call now!

Wednesday Feb 6th, midday appointments available!

Call now!

Saturday Feb 9th, ONE afternoon appointment available! HAIRCUT ONLY!

Call now!

This is everything currently open but these appointments will fill up fast!



Upcoming Trip Schedule…

My next trip is coming up quicker than it seems like, January 25th through February 10th. Here’s a quick update of appointments still available:

Friday January 25th – FULL

Saturday January 26th – FULL

Sunday January 27th – teaching in Philadelphia PA

Monday January 28th – teaching in Philadelphia PA

Tuesday January 29th – FULL

Wednesday January 30th – ONE APPOINTMENT AVAILABLE, 9:00am haircut or color

Thursday January 31st –  ONE APPOINTMENT AVAILABLE, 9:00am haircut

Friday February 1st – ONE APPOINTMENT AVAILABLE, 2:45pm haircut

Saturday February 2nd – TWO APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE, 9:00am haircut or color and 3:30pm haircut

Sunday February 3rd – FULL

Monday February 4th – UNAVAILABLE

Tuesday February 5th – very open

Wednesday February 6th – very open

Thursday February 7th – very open

Friday February 8th – ONE APPOINTMENT AVAILABLE, 9:00am haircut

Saturday February 9th – TWO APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE, 3:30pm hair color with haircut and 6:00pm haircut

Sunday February 10th – FULL