Y’all, We’re Still Being Safe!

We are not currently changing or relaxing any of our sanitation/disinfection guidelines, nor are we relaxing any of our other safety protocols currently. This is a check-in email to make sure we’re keeping everyone in the loop about how seriously we are still taking cleanliness and client care.

The protocols currently in place for health and safety are non-negotiable, many are legally mandated and our failure to comply could result in loss of Cosmetology license permanently. Don’t ask us to risk that!

If you anticipate being unable to comply with these protocols PLEASE postpone your appointment. If you show up and refuse to comply, services will not be rendered and you will be charged 50% of your scheduled services.

The reason we are taking our protocols so seriously is because they work. Here’s a link to the CDC Case Study re: the Springfield MO stylists who DIDN’T infect any of their clients. What this study shows is that when masks are worn by everyone and cleaning is done properly the transmission risk is functionally zero. 2 stylists tested positive, 138 clients were potentially exposed, and NONE of the exposed clients tested positive. NONE. Salons are very safe when everyone is following the guidelines. That’s why I’m very comfortable working with clients in my super safe private space with full control over cleaning and safety procedures.

So, without further adieu, let’s get into the protocols themselves…


Do not bring anyone with you to your appointment. We currently only working one-on-one. If you are bringing a child or you would like to come with someone from your same household please email me at ChristineDoesHair@gmail.com to see if we can accommodate that.

The parking lot for the Sola Salon suites is the Hilltop Shopping Center. Parking in the lot next to Panda Express puts you closest to the stairs/elevator for coming up.

When you arrive please text me at 703.945.9289 to let me know you have arrived. Please include your name.

I will respond quickly if possible, and when I am able (done with my previous client AND done with sanitation and disinfection of the full studio space) I will text you that I am coming down to you. I will meet you at the bottom of the stairs next to the elevator.

I will bring out hand sanitizer and a fresh tri-ply mask (always wrapped for cleanliness). You will sanitize your hands and put the mask on with its ear loops. That way your hands are clean before you touch your face while adjusting the mask.

We will walk up to the Sola Salons door and I will buzz us in. There is also an elevator for those who prefer it. (There is no way to get into the suites without coming in with your stylist. This allows us to keep the space safe for everyone by avoiding extra people congregating inside.)

Once inside we will go directly to my enclosed private studio space and I will wash my hands before we tape the mask on. Taping the mask on allows me to remove the ear loops so I can work freely and provide every service fully. The tape I am using is KT Tape (kinesiology tape), which is designed for long term wear on skin and is flexible and breathable. We will then be able to freely work as close as possible to normal for all services.

Only when services have been completed and you have left the building may the mask be removed. There is a trash bin at the base of the stairs that is easily accessible for disposing of your mask.

If you would like to bring your own mask please be aware that I still need to be able to tape the mask on and remove the ear loops from my workspace. I strongly suggest just letting me use my disposable masks.

Masks must remain on the entire time you are in the building and I will not be able to accommodate smoke breaks for clients or myself during services. I currently have Juicy Fruit and Orbit Wintermint gum as options to prevent dry mouth. I recommend the Wintermint because the “cool” feeling really helps with the mask. If you would prefer nicotine gum or other accommodations please bring those for yourself. I will also be providing individually wrapped straws if you would like to bring a beverage for longer appointments, this allows drinking while still keeping the mask on at all times.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me via my direct email ChristineDoesHair@gmail.comFor video and photo updates please check out the “COVID-19 Prep” Highlighted Story on The Glass Menagerie’s Instagram

If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC website.

Thank you all for being team players and helping keep everyone safe right now! We look forward to continuing to support each other during these challenging times.