An Open Letter to Every New Stylist

You will have bad days.

You will have clients you cannot please.

There will be bosses and supervisors who do not understand the work you do.


This does not define you.

Success is your ability to rise above the bad days.


Take every bad experience and build from it.

Remember: every day you are growing and gaining knowledge.


Work for yourself and leave a piece of your soul in every happy client.

There will always be bad days, but there will be more good ones.


Growth vs Extensions

As an advocate for healthy hair care and an extension specialist, people are constantly asking me about whether or not hair extensions can cause damage to the growth pattern of your hair.

It’s a complicated issue because poorly managed or poorly apply hair extensions can cause damage to hair. However, carefully applied appropriately managed hair extensions actually help fuel hair growth by allowing you to leave your hair alone better.

I always recommend a thorough in person consultation with your extension stylist to go over the many options that exists. Some methods of hair extension may not be the appropriate option for your hair type or for the great you require. That doesn’t mean you can’t have hair extensions, but it also doesn’t mean that you’ve definitely can have hair extensions.

The look above was created with hair extensions, this client’s hair does not grow longer with the amount of highlighting and heat tools she uses.