Massive Color Correction…


We had previously had a full set of fusion hair extensions on this client while we were growing out her hair from damage due to a previous round of ombre induced bleach damage she had received at another salon.

For this overhaul we first removed her extensions (upper center and left) and applied a color remover product to her full head (upper right). You can see the color remover shows us the lines of demarcation from the previous color services she had done.

After processing the color remover under heat we shampooed her hair and applied lightener in foils to keep it just barely off her scalp. We used 20 volume and a single dose of Olaplex to maintain the health of her hair we had been working to protect. On the bottom left and center you can see the in process picture and the after lightener picture as well.

To complete this look we applied Affinage color from the B.Red highlift series in red, using a 20 volume formulation at her root section and a 10 volume formula on her mid-lengths and ends.

You can see the completed look (with a slight trim to shape her hair) in the bottom right photo. We were able to accomplish a major color change and still maintain her hair health and keep some length on her fresh layered hairstyle.

Throwback: Mismatch Root Color…


I cannot express how much fun mismatch roots can be.

You’ve probably seen them on BuzzFeed in fantasy colors, but they look pretty killer in natural tones too.

In this example the client had been typically getting all over lightener and toner to get her natural hair to a bright blonde color before coming in looking for a change. We wanted to do something a little more edgy without going too wild. We picked this bright copper color and it’s totally rocking on her.

Hair Extensions for Length…


The two biggest problems I see people run into when working on hair extensions to create length are:

-not using enough hair (and then creating a thin tapered result)

-matching just one color (and then creating a dramatic color shift)


As the picture on the far left shows, this client has pretty thick hair to begin with. If we did not match her natural density the ends of the hair extensions coming past her hair would have a “stringy” effect and become more obvious as extensions.

The picture on the far right shows the hair after application and cut, but prior to style. The blend of colors really hides quite well with her natural hair. We used five different colors to create this look.

The middle picture is our final completed look once it’s been styled and I couldn’t be happier with it. I love the overall result and I’m so happy to be able to create seamless transitions like this for my clients.