June Salon Schedule…

Currently scheduled to be in the salon Elany Image from June 1st through the 12th.

Please call 703-440-8073 for the fastest way to set up an appointment, if you need to order fresh hair extensions please email me directly at ChristineDoesHair@gmail.com

I may be arriving a day or so early but these are the dates currently open…

Friday June 1st– FULL

Saturday June 2nd– FULL

Sunday June 3rd– FULL

Monday June 4th– FULL

Tuesday June 5th– open 12noon until close

Wednesday June 6th– open morning and midday spaces

Thursday June 7th– limited morning and early evening spaces

Friday June 8th– limited mid afternoon space around 2pm

Saturday June 9th– FULL

Sunday June 10th– FULL

Monday June 11th– morning and midday spaces open

Tuesday June 12th– morning and midday spaces open

Wednesday June 13th– UNAVAILABLE

Thursday June 14th– afternoon and evening spaces open

Friday June 15th– UNAVAILABLE

Saturday June 16th– UNAVAILABLE


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