Some Important Links

Looking to book an appointment? CLICK HERE

Returning clients can click the “Sign In” at the upper right for a code to send to your phone and log in to access previous appointments and upcoming appointments for easy rescheduling.

Can’t get the appointment you really want? Fill out our Cancellation List Form to get on the list and be notified when openings pop-up. We’re still in a pandemic which means there’s still clients cancelling on a semi-regular basis. You’re not on the list unless you fill out this form, and it’s always suggested to book SOMETHING because there might not be anything that opens up at a time that works for you.

Interested in hair extensions? Check out basic session pricing estimates here and fill out our Hair Extension Consultation Form to make that process a breeze.

Love our work but operating on a budget? No promises, but we’re always looking for models to try new services, practice trends, or guinea pig new hair extension stuff. Fill out this Model Application Form to start that process.


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