Subtle Wonders


So one of the things that I think helps set me apart in my field is my approach to grey hair. I’m personally a very low maintenance person and I kind of flow that into a lot of my work. I love ombre and balayage color patterns because they grow out nicely. I prefer fusion bonded hair extensions because they are typically long lasting for clients. Yada yada yada…

So, it’s really no surprise that when it comes to covering grey hair I rarely take a whole head color approach to it. It’s rare that someone is suddenly grey. It’s something that happens slowly and then becomes noticeable to the client after it’s already been there for some time. This is why I tend to suggest highlight and lowlight alternatives instead of all over color.

It creates a more subtle blend back to having less grey rather than being one solid color since no one’s hair is actually one solid color naturally. More importantly though, is that it reduces the likelihood of a hard line of demarcation (more often called a root line). When introducing a client to hair color, especially to cover grey, it’s great to be able to take away some of the fear associated with that. For many people one of those fears is that they will have to color their hair every four weeks so no one ever sees, and that task feels daunting to someone who isn’t used to fitting that into their schedule.

This particular look was on a client who NEVER colored hair hair but wanted to do something to hide the shimmering grey hairs in her wedding photos. We used a products called Framesi Decolor B Shimmer. It’s designed to use on dry hair in 5 minutes or less to put specific mini highlights into the hair. For an application like this it was absolutely perfect.

As stylists and colorists we often want to embrace big changes but the end goal is always to do the most for the client’s happiness and sometimes less is more.