Subtle Balayage…


Remember my favorite Jellybean from my full blown balayage post? This is what we had been doing previously with her hair.

The upper photos are before pictures, and the two lower photos are the after images.

I like clipping the whole head into a loose bun or ponytail before starting on an application like this so I can see how the baby hair is really going to play with the overall look. Taking the time to check that definitely adds a lot of clarity to my patterning each time.

For her hair we used a 30 volume developer with a traditional powder lightener and Olaplex added to act as a buffer and prevent damage. I used a combination of paintbrushes and sponges to create depth and change dimension of the sections I was lightening by varying the saturation of the lightener in her hair.

I love the blended result from using so many different tools, a little extra effort goes a long way.


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