July Salon Schedule Update!

16th- FULL

17th- one 2pm appointment open (color and cut)

18th- midday and afternoon open

19th- morning open

20th- one morning appointment open (cut and style only)

21s- one morning appointment open (color and cut)

22nd- FULL

23rd- 11am to 4pm open

24th- before 11am open, after 4pm open

25th- 11am to 4pm open

26th- 2:15pm to 5pm open

27th- very open

28th- very open

Lightener vs Toner


Quick PSA:

No amount of toner will make up for not letting lightener process long enough.

Toner is not designed to lighten, it is designed to cancel out unwanted tones.

Lightener lightens.

If you do not wait patiently for your lightener to reach the required level then your toner will just make you feel darker or worse, turn you gold later when you try to remove it to go lighter.

Just sit patiently. Trust us.

Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano…


Absolutely one of my favorite tools for speed and bond smoothness.

This tool allows me to apply 5 fusion extensions with a  single button push and makes sure they are perfectly smooth and flat to the head. I can finish an average head of 100 strands in under and hour with this machine and that means I can make room for every client with fewer delays.