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Hair Pieces for Event Styling

I love wedding season. I love prom season. I love event styling season.

Recently I had the opportunity to do bridal hair work for a longtime friend of mine. She’s one of my favorite Jellybeans, and such a wonderful soul, so I needed to make sure her hair was going to be absolutely fantastic.

She wanted a half-up event style with the sides braided back into the center. Unfortunately, despite having relatively thick hair there simply did not seem to be enough hair for the look she wanted. To make the braid full enough to show properly meant leaving only a very small amount of her hair down, causing it to look almost stringy.

To make her bridal hair style exactly what we were going for meant creating a custom hair piece. I built a braided section to be interconnected to her natural hair to give us the extra oomph. I hope you enjoy these before/after photos of the piece on its own as well as once installed.


Causes Project, Pt. 5

Preferred Name: Crystal Correa

Preferred Social Media account info and/or website info:

What cause or causes get your main support?
Gender Equality & American for Art Action Fund (Art programs in schools)–
Gender Equality, because I think it’s important to have respect between both sexes. Yes , we aren’t biological the same but without each other the world just wouldn’t work! Also on a common sense note – the world isn’t the same from years ago and we need equal pay to keep up with all these high cost, but that’s another story.
Children are the future,also art is a wonderful way to express yourself ! Without Art programs the world would miss out on future beautiful creations. When I was a kid , Art class always kept me sane and happy!

How has your job and life shaped the causes that are important to you?
Over the years it has opened my eyes to so many different types of people. I have made so many connections and helped with adding positivity into the world one head of hair at a time.
And on my free time I still keep create Art; through film , writing and painting . My life goal is to never forget that it’s about the client at work and keeping that standard high from the very first time I picked up shears but also find the time to create when I am not behind the chair. Got to keep being inspired!

If you could tell anyone just one thing about your cause, what would you say?
Gender Equality is important because we need to change with the times and stop being so old school!
Kids need Art programs in order to find their voice and self expression, it’s unfair to cattle everyone into one type of educational programming. Some of us need visual aids in order to express what we mean, we shouldn’t be shut out!


Updated Virginia Schedule for Next Trip

Hello, all my jellybeans!

I will be at Elany Image (703.440.8073) from April 11th through April 30th.

Hours are as follows…

  • April 11th, no client hours
  • April 12th through April 14th, 10am to 7pm
  • April 15th, 9am to 5pm
  • April 16th through April 18th, no client hours
  • April 19th through April 21st, 10am to 7pm
  • April 22nd through April 30th, originally scheduled dates, day time availability limited, please call for available times



Next Virginia Trip

I will be in the salon from April 20th through April 30th.

Maxing out my hours except April 29th (attending a wedding).


Elany Image
I will be attempting to send out invoices and double-check with all hair extension clients in advance to make sure people are appropriately book and everybody can get in 🙂


Causes Project, Pt. 4

Preferred Name:
Preferred Social Media account info and/or website info: or just look up Anansi Storytime in most places

What cause or causes get your main support?
Folklore, fairy tales, and storytelling are the main causes. I put a lot of effort into talking to others in the Audio Drama Podcasting community as well. I believe there is a lot to be learned from old stories, even if the morals are sometimes very different. I don’t want to see these stories lost to time. I try to do my best to make sure that a lot of these stories are available for a modern generation.
How has your job and life shaped the causes that are important to you?
My love of stories is what lead me to start Anansi Storytime. I have a collection of old fairy tale books… somewhere… I’ll find it. Anyhow, grew up with read and stories being important, I just want to make it so more people can enjoy some amazing stories.
If you could tell anyone one thing about your cause, what would that be?
Stories can tell us a lot about Culture and are a part of where we all come from. Sitting and listening to them gives us a better idea of the truth behind not just that people, but who we are as human beings.