Upcoming Appointments, Feb 19- March 18…

The following lists my open availabilities on my upcoming trip. This list is accurate as of February 5th, but it’s changing as people call in.

Please call 703.440.8073 to make your appointment with me at Elany Image.

F19, 9a 1hrs, 1030a .5hrs, 6p 1hrs

F20, 3p 2hrs

F21, 12p 2.5hrs, 5p 1.25hrs

F23, 9a 1hrs

F25, 1130a .5hrs

F27, 12p 4.5hrs

F28, 1030a 3.5hrs

F29, 315p 3.75hrs

M3, 9a 4.5hrs, 230p 2.5hrs

M4, 9a 2hrs, 2p 5hrs

M5, 9a 1.5hrs, 1230p 6.5hrs

M6, 10a on open

M7, 9a 1hrs, 3p 4hrs

M8, 9a 4hrs, 430p 2.5hrs

M10, 11a 1hes, 1230p 5hrs

M11, 9a 3hrs, 1p 4.5hrs

M12, 9a 2hrs, 12p 7hrs

M13, 9a 1hrs

M17, 930a on open

M18, 9a 1hrs, 1p 5hrs


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