Why hourly pricing?

At The Glass Menagerie, Christine has implemented an hourly based pricing structure. It’s been very successful and easy for most clients. It’s a bit different than most of the stylist industry, who typically only use an hourly pricing structure for corrective color or certain other specialty services.

A big question Christine gets is “Why hourly pricing?”

Hourly pricing is genderless.

People of all genders have widely varied hair needs based on their styles. Putting hair price structure into gendered boxes does not take into account short haired ladies or long haired men, or the wide variety of hair/gender combinations that exist.

Hourly pricing is equitable across all hair types.

Long thick hair takes more styling time than fine short hair. How is it fair to charge both people the same amount for their blow out styling service when the thing is so different?

Hourly pricing allows clear costs and expectations.

Services priced hourly have a predictable price structure for clients allowing them a better understanding of why different services cost different prices, and that skipping a blowout after a cut is a simple way to save money.


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