Tape Weft Hair Extensions

Remember when I mentioned HotHeads hair extensions? They really are awesome. They are one of several brands of hair extensions that work almost like stickers to add length and thickness to your hair.

Some favorite brands: Babe -Georgie -HotHeads -Cinderella Hair

This is a picture of what tape wefts look like once installed. They can be really great for adding a lot of hair quickly. I love them!

Tape Weft Hair Extensions

2 thoughts on “Tape Weft Hair Extensions

    1. The remover fluid for them is actually 90% alcohol. They release off the hair very easily with nothing but the spray and a comb. Fully genius. If you’re in the area you can totally hit me up for more personalized info, or for if you want training from Georgie by me.

      They last about 2 months with stellar care. Occasionally they release sooner. They are reusable most of the time. Like I said “fully genius.”

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