Micro Link Hair Extensions, Benefit Analysis

It’s no secret that individual micro link hair extensions are my least favorite hair extension method. I’ll try to not be too biased but I make no promises.


Some benefits companies claim with individual micro link extensions, also called I tip or linked/beaded, make sense and sound comforting to a client. This method is zero heat, zero glue, and no tight braiding.


For clients hesitant to try hair extensions they come across as very safe and non-damaging. That’s true, they are safe and damage free when applied and removed properly. They are also one of the most common hair extension types to experience difficulty, by stylists and from client lifestyles.


This method uses prebonded extension hair and attaches it to the existing hair using a small metal bead that is crimped closed. Because no glue is used there’s no need for heat to be applied. Oil, from sweat and hair products, can be an issue however because without adhesive to bond the extension hair to the existing hair the beads can become lubricated and slide down if too much pressure is applied while brushed or if too heavy with water while wet from assisting or the pool.


They can be reused with ease if client maintenance is followed. As long as they don’t get tangled they’re pretty easy to put back in.


I typically prefer not to do full heads with this method because of the additional maintenance visits often required can become very time consuming. I usually only recommend this method for clients who request it and aren’t comfortable with extensions yet.


I do encourage anyone getting this method from another stylist to be very sure they’re comfortable before you leave after your initial visit. They can be heavy and occasionally pinch hairs from nearby the attachment point, it’s important to adjust any issues before leaving the salon.


One thought on “Micro Link Hair Extensions, Benefit Analysis

  1. My sister has always wanted longer and thicker hair, so she is thinking about getting microbead hair extensions. I think that this would be a great way for my sister to try out using extensions for the first time because there is no gluing, heat, or tight braiding in the process. Also, the fact that the beads can be re-used would make them cost-effective for my sister.

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