Tape In Extensions, Benefit Analysis

Tape in hair extensions, also called skin weft or tape weft extensions, are a relatively new method of hair extensions that have only really gained popular knowledge in the last few years. They’ve been a great addition to my hair extension arsenal, allowing me to apply a large amount of hair for a client in very little time.

They’ve gained more popularity as more people heard about them because they are fast, reusable, and nondamaging when done correctly. Hair extensions of this type are essentially stickers of hair. Tape in hair pieces are attached by sandwiching a thin slice of existing hair between two pieces of extension, or in some cases between an extension and a piece of single sided tape to reduce weight.


Occasionally very long tape in extensions are heavy and they can slide off the hair if too much oil is in products or conditioners used. This is less a concern than with some other methods though because they’re so easy to reuse: just slide off the old tape and replace with fresh tape, apply like new.


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