Bringing Your Children To The Salon, Some Advice

Let’s start with this idea: if they’re not getting any services done they don’t need to be in the salon. This goes for your sister, your friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, and children. It especially goes for children though because they are not always capable of taking care of themselves.

We are not babysitters. We are hair stylists. We can’t watch your kid while we work on you. You can’t watch your kid while we work on you. Our front desk staff has things to do that do not need to be interrupted by your child running around them. Our shampoo technicians and salon assistants have work to do. We’ll be nice to your kid but we’ll all complain later because it makes our jobs harder. Salons are full of sharp objects, hot tools, and potentially harmful chemicals. You should not want your child unattended in this type of place.



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