Fusion Hair Extensions, Benefit Analysis

Lots of information gets thrown around about hair extensions so I’m taking a little time to explain more about some of my favorites.


This post is going to highlight some great things about fusion bonded hair extensions but it’s going to go over some of the potential drawbacks as well.


Let me start by saying that fusion bonded hair extensions are my absolute favorite for long term hair extension wearers. Unlike many other hair extension types that may restrict styling options, fusions are virtually invisible and are easily hidden in the hair. When wearing hair extensions is  temporary commitment losing the ability to style ones hair in certain ways is less of a concern than when one knows they will be wearing them as a long term commitment.


Fusion hair extensions are done by taking small sections
of prebonded extension hair and attaching them to your natural hair. Most companies use a heat tool for this, which requires special training. Some companies use a cold fusion tool which essentially uses ultrasonic vibrations to melt the bond instead without the same feeling of heat. In terms of bond strength and hair health there is no difference in attachment method.


Hair cost is often higher for fusion hair extensions than it is for other methods but the extended wear time typically makes up for it. Fusion extensions can be worn for 4 to 6 months, with especially great care they can last up to 8 months.


Because fusions are small pieces, superior blending of colors can be achieved. Matching multiple colors of highlights and their placement make this a great option for dimensional color clients. Typically hair comes in packages of 10 to 25 pieces, with an average head using 150 pieces, this means you can choose several colors and really tweak it to look 100% natural.


The biggest downside to fusions is tangling. Because they can be left in for such a long time without requiring maintenance it’s important to invest in good shampoos\conditioners as well as brushes designed for extensions.

Occasionally there are other issues with fusion hair extensions:

~on very fine hair fusions can be too heavy, this results on pulling and sometimes traction alopecia

~on overprocessed or dry brittle hair the bond of a fusion hair extension can be too stiff and cause breakage


If your stylist thinks either of these might be an issue, listen to them. They want what’s best for your hair and their reputation.


In the end though the only way to know what kind of extension is best for you is to set up an in person hands on consultation so the stylist can really get a feel for what they’re going to be working with. It’s important to go over your hair growth goals, expected time commitment, desired thickness and length, in addition to things like preferred styling options and how much time you have to work on your hair daily.


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