Olaplex: Blonde’s Best Friend

Arguably one of the best things about using Olapex is the ability to achieve success in dramaticIMG_20150624_222839 lightening applications without breakage.

I currently have every new client who calls the salon asking for it as though it’s actually a bleach itself. When these clients call in our walk into the salon it is my job as a stylist to inform them of how the product works and that it can be so much more than that also.

It’s originally designed to mix into bleach services to prevent the damage from permanent lightener. It can also be used mixed with any traditional coloring product, though it does tend to make the processing time a bit slower.

The best thing though, is that it can be used as a stand alone service. That’s right, better than a deep conditioner just coating the hair, Olapex can be used as it’s own service to erase some pretty stubborn damage.

The example here is a client of mine. You can see she had naturally dark roots, and a rich golden blonde color previously. Olapex  No1 into the lightener allowed me to use 40 volume developer on her for 2 rounds of bleach back to back. Then I used Olapex No2 on her before toning so I was sure I would have even porosity. Once she was toned I used Olapex  No1 as a treatment. I can’t wait to take her even lighter next time.


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