Three Stylists, Five Hours…

Color correction is no joke.

This client had come in with her natural regrowth and years of dark dye overlap having decided it was time for a change and a color combination that would contrast less with her regrowth coming in. Fair warning, she’s been a client of the salon for years so we had a really accurate hair color history to work with. We were able to double check her past formulas and frequency of appointments in our salon records which made it easier to assess next steps required for this corrective color service.

We use Affinage at the salon as out primary permanent color line so for her correction we started with their Eraser. We ended up processing three separate passes with that product to pull out enough of her level 3 and 4 color. At that point we were left with a not so great mix of naturally warm blondes and coppers (though more underlying evenness than a lightener would have left us to work with) which provided a great base to redeposit and create new highlights.

In her areas of regrowth with the most grey we performed more highlights to keep them blending as new regrowth appears, for her root/base area we recolored her with a level 7 natural ash (you can see it even pulled a little deeper due to porosity, but it will likely fade a bit softer with shampooing), and a level 8 natural ash on her mid lengths and ends not in foils for highlights. After processing we then toned her globally using a level 9 natural just to keep even shine and color throughout and meld the highlight tone with the rest of the application.

This color correction was the result of three stylists working together for just over 5 hours to make sure the timing on each process fit together properly. I love the result and I hope you do too!



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