Christine’s August/September Schedule

Christine will be in Elany Image from August 23rd through September 6th.

Let’s take a look at current availabilities:
Thursday the 23rd- still some midmorning spaces
Friday the 24th- still some midday spaces
Saturday the 25th- FULL
Sunday the 26th- FULL
Monday the 27th- still some midday spaces
Tuesday the 28th- still morning and midday spaces
Wednesday the 29th- still afternoon and evening spaces
Thursday the 30th- still evening spaces
Friday the 31st- FULL
Saturday the 1st- FULL
Sunday the 2nd- very open
Monday the 3rd- Labor Day- still midday spaces
Tuesday the 4th- Christine’s Birthday!- still midday spaces
Wednesday the 5th- very open
Thursday the 6th- still afternoon spaces


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