Always Double Check

Recently I’ve been using a lot of different brands of hair extensions and there had been a quality control issue with one company where the pieces were not as thick as they should be.

Because I work with so many companies and they all have slightly different sizing it was not something I immediately noticed.

Since this incident I’ve been taking photos of individual hair pieces when they come in so I can keep accurate comparisons instead of relying solely on memory.

Here’s a photo of how thick a piece from this company should have been (the darker piece) and a piece from the batch with a quality issue (blonde). While they may not seem noticeably different from an individual scale, the difference becomes exponentially more noticeable once you’re dealing with quantities of 100 to 200 to 300 pieces per head.

I’m working on getting better myself about checking every thought that comes in more thoroughly, and because these things happen occasionally I recommend other hair extension specialists do the same.


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