My Favorite Things (Right Now)

In no particular order:

— NEW Venus Breeze disposable razors, incredible, two creamy-dreamy bars of what looks like soap become a silky smooth shave gel, brilliant, time saving, just add water and go, great for travel, great for hungover mornings, great for girls on the go

— Urban Decay NAKED Palette, super flattering on everyone I know, there are two versions out now and this is the original, my favorite because the colors from this palette are slightly more blend friendly (some more dramatic shades were picked up for palette #2, if that’s what you like go for it)

— Pure and Good Hand Cream Lemon Tarragon (not pictured, Anthropologie’s site has them all though), I love this one because it smells exactly like Fruit Loops, I don’t know how it does it but it’s incredibly cool, it’s such a nice combination of a child-like scent with the richness of the lotion, melting into your skin quickly, it’s a good year round hand cream because it’s not too heavy for Summer and Spring but it packs the moisturizing punch needed for Fall and Winter


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