Bigger, Better, Blonder!


Working with so many brands and methods of hair extensions makes me really happy because it means I virtually always have the best option for every set of hair needs.

This particular hair extensions masterpiece includes 2 different brands because of the methods required to create this density. This client actually has moderately thick hair that’s still soft, however in order to achieve her desired color effect her density and length at the ends simply no longer exists. No amount of Olaplex fixes the damage of getting hair to a clean “white” blonde shade.

To recreate the density she could have naturally at the length she likes we use beaded weft rows for the back of her head. This allows us to quickly and easily add a high volume of hair extensions to her existing hair. For the sides of her head we use two colors of tape in hair extensions because they lay flatter to the head and it allows us to add more colors for a dimensional effect mimicking highlights and lowlights.

Overall this look takes two 12 piece partial packs of tape in hair extensions as well as two 4 oz packages of 18″ weft hair (aka “tracks”). The actual hair extension process for this takes anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours to achieve depending upon energy level. She’s often my last client of the day and we don’t even start her highlights until 5pm so you can imagine how long some of those nights are. 🙂


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