August Openings!

These openings may change and the best way to be sure you’re accessing the most up to date information is to call the salon directly at 703.440.8073.

Looking forward to seeing y’all!

Friday August 16th: FULL

Saturday August 17th: 150 minutes staring at 4:30pm

Sunday August 18th: 60 minutes at 9:00am

Monday August 19th: FULL

Tuesday August 20th: 105 minutes starting at 1:45pm

Wednesday August 21st: 255 minutes starting at 2:00pm

Thursday August 22nd: 120 minutes starting at 9:00am AND 135 minutes staring at 2:45pm

Friday August 23rd: open until 3:00pm

Saturday August 24th: FULL

Sunday August 25th: FULL

Monday August 26th: FULL

Tuesday August 27th: 60 minutes starting at 4:00pm

Wednesday August 28th: 150 minutes staring at 1:30pm

Thursday August 29th: 120 minutes at 9:00am AND 180 minutes at 2:30pm

Friday August 30th: 45 minutes at 1:15pm

Saturday August 31st: FULL


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