Current Appointment Openings Between May 31st through June 19th…

As usual these appointments fill FAST and availabilities may get filled before I get a chance to update this list…

Please uses this as a loose guideline, as it may change…

Call the salon ASAP to book…



Tuesday, June 4th– 90 minutes at 10am, 30 minutes at 12:30pm

Wednesday, June 5th– 30 minutes at 9am, 30 minutes at 1:30pm, 30 minutes at 3:30pm, 30 minutes at 4:30pm

Thursday, June 6th– 120 minutes at 9am, 90 minutes at 3:30pm

Friday, June 7th– 15 minutes at 11:45am, 15 minutes at 3:45pm

Tuesday, June 11th– 60 minutes at 9am, 245 minutes at 12:15pm

Wednesday, June 12th– currently open 9:30am until 4pm

Thursday, June 13th– 150 minutes at 1:30pm

Saturday, June 15th– 30 minutes at 4:30pm

Tuesday, June 18th– 60 minutes at 9am, 135 minutes at 11:45am, 105 minutes at 3:45pm

Wednesday, June 19th– 90 minutes at 2:30pm

You may also notice that I have appointment availabilities listed by overall amount of time available, this is because I have updated my price list to include the average amount of time required for various services in an effort to make it easier for clients to know what appointments would fit their schedule and mine.

Click here for the updated price list page.


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