A-Line is NOT Asymmetrical


I have been cutting/coloring/extending up a storm on my Instagram story over on @ChrissyDoesHair and I would be delighted to see more of you over there, but I’ll also be posting some of my favorites here as well with longer descriptions of the work.


This client typically receives partial highlight services, flipping back and forth between balayage and foil techniques seasonally to capture different moods. Over Summer she was kind enough to sign up as a model for a series I was working on for It’s More Than Hair, where we did a set of custom color tape-in hair extensions. She loved the color effects so we’ve been able to keep up with some of that without those extensions as well. This works because he natural hair is already pre-lightened, but extensions are a great option for adding color to darker hair without needing to apply bleach.


At the appointment shown here we left most of her length on the front and cut off a few inches from the back to produce a more dramatic A-line bob. Note to clients and stylists: please some calling these asymmetrical bobs, asymmetrical means the sides do not match in length, A-line means there is a noticeable angled slope coming down at the front from a shorter section in the back section of the head.


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