Just highlights!


I have a lot of clients who come in wishing for these bright silvery creamy blondes and I’ve recently put a lot of time into researching how to keep and maintain those looks so I’ve changed my approach to getting them there in the first place.

Two years ago if this girl had come in wanting to look all over lighter blonde I would have done a “bleach and tone” over her whole head and hoped for the best given the uneven coloring to start with. I probably would have ended up needing to tone it darker than we would want to cover golden and red lines that would likely appear.

Now I take a totally different approach. I’ve been doing almost all my “all over blondes” with highlights instead, and only toning when totally necessary. Thanks to Olaplex I’ve been able to comfortable overlap lightener with low volume developer on pre lightened ends to really breakthrough existing color, and been able to apply higher volume formulas inside my foils in uncolored dark sections.

I can’t argue with the results I’ve been getting. They show up great in photos and are a LOT less likely to pull unwanted warm tones that can’t be controlled. The color blend as they grow out is a huge game changer for a lot of my girls. Being able to go longer between appointments saves them so much money and time.


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