You’re only as old as you want to be…


So, fair warning, this is my mother. She is one of the most energetic and epic women I know. A few years back she had been having hip problems that were preventing her from participating in her Zumba and Kangoo classes the way she wanted to.

After being brushed off by her doctor telling her “well, when you’re OUR age things just hurt” we decided we needed a look that better matched her personality. We got rid of her grey hair and replaced it with a black and red piece pattern. Then we went to a new doctor.

This one looked at her, looked at her chart, and looked back at her and basically said “nah, we’re gonna get this taken care of for you.” We are convinced the vibrant hair helped and we haven’t really looked back since.

Currently her whole head is a vibrant shade of purple, like a fancy grape soda, every bit as bubbly and effervescent as my mother’s personality.


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