No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…

Normally I don’t like to post personal stories about what’s going on in my life on my public work related blog, but I’m making an exception because I feel it’s important for me to let everyone know what’s up in case I’m a little spacey or paranoid for the next little while.

I opened my home to my friend and her husband who had been displaced by hurricane Harvey and had been couch crashing…

And they stole from me.

Police have been involved, and thankfully they were only there for 2 days because in Texas after 3 days everything in the apartment becomes “community property” and they become “residents” and I would be required to file an eviction notice instead of just kicking them out.

A lot of the supplies from my Etsy shop are gone, a few of my hair related items are gone, a ton of my personal items are gone.

I am feeling empty and broken and upset with myself for letting this happen.

I am working hard to get everything sorted out so I can do my jobs properly.

Please bear with me if I’m not quite as on top of things as usual right now.


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