Causes Project, Pt. 4

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What cause or causes get your main support?
Folklore, fairy tales, and storytelling are the main causes. I put a lot of effort into talking to others in the Audio Drama Podcasting community as well. I believe there is a lot to be learned from old stories, even if the morals are sometimes very different. I don’t want to see these stories lost to time. I try to do my best to make sure that a lot of these stories are available for a modern generation.
How has your job and life shaped the causes that are important to you?
My love of stories is what lead me to start Anansi Storytime. I have a collection of old fairy tale books… somewhere… I’ll find it. Anyhow, grew up with read and stories being important, I just want to make it so more people can enjoy some amazing stories.
If you could tell anyone one thing about your cause, what would that be?
Stories can tell us a lot about Culture and are a part of where we all come from. Sitting and listening to them gives us a better idea of the truth behind not just that people, but who we are as human beings.

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