Causes Project, Pt. 1

Preferred Name:
Christine Rinehart
Preferred Social Media account info and/or website info:
@ChrissyDoesHair on Instagram and Twitter, /ChrissyDoesHair on Facebook
What cause or causes get your main support?
Mental Illness is something I take very seriously, specifically Anxiety Disorders
How has your job and life shaped the causes that are important to you?
Working in the Cosmetology industry since the age of 13 I’ve held a lot of differing positions each with varying levels of stress. Management positions, educator roles, and personal client management were things that made it difficult for me to let loose and enjoy myself. Having always been a bit of a natural planner, worry and stress came naturally with the additional responsibilities of higher positions.
I take Mental Illnesses and particularly Anxiety Disorders to heart because I suffer from anxiety. Finding tools to use as coping mechanisms has been amazing for me, but I still feel there’s a huge unnecessary stigma associated with wanting help.
As a result of this stigma and my desire to fight against that I am SUPER public about my anxiety and I have even created an Etsy shop where I sell kits that have mixes of coping mechanism tools all ready to go. I want to make everyone more comfortable with who they are and what they need to feel healthy.
If you could tell anyone just one thing about your cause, what would you say?
STOP. Just stop.
You being upset they don’t have your favorite soda in the fountain is probably not giving you a panic attack.
You wanting to clean before company comes over does not necessarily mean you suffer from OCD.
You being upset by a single bad grade does not necessarily mean you are depressed.
These are diseases, and if you don’t have them then it’s really not cool to use them as adjectives on your behavior.
Don’t make our illnesses into punchlines.
If you or anyone you know is interested in filling out a profile for the Causes project please email me, thank you.

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