Is Organic Really Better?

Short answer: Not always.

Organic foods may be good for your body, but there isn’t clear proof that organic beauty products are healthier for you externally. Actually, lots of organic beauty products have a shorter shelf life than their “non-organic” counterparts. To make matters worse, they can even cause harm if the product is expired. Many organic products can cause irritation and allergy flares from various nuts, fruits and oils.

The industry isn’t effectively regulated at this time, so please read the ingredient labels carefully. A bottle labeled “organic” must contain only 95 percent organic ingredients. Those marked “natural” or “made with organic ingredients” usually have no regulation against many inorganic ingredients. Do your own research and find companies that make great products you can trust in.


Some of my favorites:

— Burt’s Bees

— Davines (probably my favorite)

— Pureology (100% vegan, too)


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