Hair Pieces for Event Styling

I love wedding season. I love prom season. I love event styling season.

Recently I had the opportunity to do bridal hair work for a longtime friend of mine. She’s one of my favorite Jellybeans, and such a wonderful soul, so I needed to make sure her hair was going to be absolutely fantastic.

She wanted a half-up event style with the sides braided back into the center. Unfortunately, despite having relatively thick hair there simply did not seem to be enough hair for the look she wanted. To make the braid full enough to show properly meant leaving only a very small amount of her hair down, causing it to look almost stringy.

To make her bridal hair style exactly what we were going for meant creating a custom hair piece. I built a braided section to be interconnected to her natural hair to give us the extra oomph. I hope you enjoy these before/after photos of the piece on its own as well as once installed.


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