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I love being able to share great things with other people.

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My Etsy Shop contains a mixture of my signature #MindfullnessKits for everyone, and my Hair Junkie extension kits and support products.

Working in the Cosmetology industry since the age of 13 I’ve held a lot of differing positions each with varying levels of stress. Management positions, educator roles, and personal client management were things that made it difficult for me to let loose and enjoy myself. Having always been a bit of a natural planner, worry and stress came naturally with the additional responsibilities of higher positions.

I’ve created these #MindfullnessKits to help share some of what has worked for me. These kits combine planning aspects and tools like journals and stickers with some more “holistic” methods for relaxation including bathsalts, sparklers, glow sticks, and so much more.
Every kit is carefully curated for theme and includes a great mix of elements.

They say you should dress for the job you want, that mantra can be valued everywhere. Sure, you may be stuck in a suit, but having a crystal healing bracelet or a #FestivalHair accessory might be just the little reminder to breathe that you’ve been waiting for.

It’s time to embrace your inner dirty hippie.

These kits and accessories are designed to combine a centered focus on traditional planning with a dirty hippie vibe. Think Sheldon Cooper meets Cheech and Chong, with a dash of Lisa Frank for good measure.