Virginia and Travel Schedule

Christine is available for salon bookings at:

Elany Image, Springfield VA

For an appointment please call: (703) 440-8073

Christine is also available for travel bookings for classes and on-site hair extension services, for more information please contact:


Booking Schedule for 2019:

January 1st through January 24th– UNAVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL

January 25th through February 10th, at Elany Image

March 6th through March 24th, at Elany Image

April 14th through May 4th, at Elany Image

May 5th through May 30th– UNAVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL

May 31st through June 19th, at Elany Image

July 7th through July 31st, at Elany Image

August 16th through August 31st, at Elany Image

October 9th through October 25th, at Elany Image

November 15th through December 24th, at Elany Image

December 25th through January 1st– UNAVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL


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